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Paint Seal 5 gallon bucket six pack

Paint Seal 5 gallon bucket six pack

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Easily Seal Your Paint To Get More Life Out Of Each Gallon!

Save Money 

The Paint Seal preserves your paint by forming an air-tight seal. The paint stays fresh inside can. Cut down on wasted dried paint. When the job is finished The Paint Seal can be used in conjunction with the lid of the can. This will add an extra layer of air-tight protection to preserve paint for long term storage.

Save Time

In the past you needed a hammer to try and put lid onto a can with a gummed up rim. When you wanted to remove the lid you would need a screwdriver.   Now with Paint Seal the silicone lid stretches on quickly to form an air-tight seal. When you're ready to use paint the lid comes off quickly, no tools needed!

Environmental Friendly

Paint Seal is made of 100 % silicone. If paint gets on lid it can easily be washed off with warm water, or dried paint can easily be peeled off. Because the lid is made of extra thick durable silicone it can be used over and over again. Using The Paint Seal will cut down on disposal of plastic grocery bags and plastic trash bags that are used to cover cans and buckets. This will significantly reduce plastic waste.


  • 6x five gallon bucket Lid
  • buckets not included